The Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors

What we are about

SIGN is a not-for-profit family and community service agency, which develops and delivers services to enhance the quality of life for individuals and groups in the Yorkton area.

Our Services

We offer many programs that help our community.

Other services that we offer

There are also many programs that are not run by SIGN but are still housed under our roof.

Welcome to SIGN

The idea of SIGN was developed in 1968 by four members of the Yorkton Ministerial Association, Father Paul St. Pierre, Rev. Wm. Shank, Jack Jones and Rev. Roland Wood.

SIGN was created to be sensitive to community needs and to be available to the community to help develop programs to meet the needs of individuals in the community.

SIGN’s first full time Executive Director was Elton Davidge. Through his work , a number of early projects were undertaken under the SIGN umbrella. Some of the early projects included:

  • A Drop-In Centre for Outpatients of Mental Health
  • A radio talk show called “SIGN Listens”, in which local clergy answered questions and offered advice to callers
  • A pre-school program which served children requiring a specific school readiness program, a child day care centre which later became the model
  • A child day care centre which later became the model used by the province in setting their provincial standards
  • A general counselling program which in the early years operated under the auspices of the Saskatchewan Psychological Association
  • A program which provided volunteers for the delivery of meals in a Meals on Wheels Program
  • A Senior’s Drop-In Centre (one of the first in Saskatchewan)
  • A central information and referral service which maintained a directory of all non-profit and service groups in the community
Many of these programs are still in existence and now operate independently of SIGN. SIGN has also played a strong advocacy role over the years, dealing with issues such as bus passes, financial assistance rates and housing conditions for low income families.